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To be called an Automotive Super center, a dealer must do two things; 1. buy in large quanties from Corporations and Rental Car companies who replinish their "fleet" on a regular basis, AND 2. accept small profit margins in order to move inventory quickly.  One stop at Mtn View @ 153 in Chattanooga is all it will take to convince you that when it comes to used car sales we take the customer to heart. We take care of our customers from start to finish. It doesn’t matter whether you are hoping to purchase a car or just in need of a little vehicle service, we will take care of you. 

Being a low price mega store means the price you see online, or on the lot, should be the lowest in the region.  We buy at wholesale, add the cost to recondition (service it so that is ready for you to enjoy trouble-free driving miles) and detail (wash and clean it inside and out) and then we accept our $599 doc fee as our profit. This way you know you're getting the best price in the Southeast when comparing to any similar model with same miles and trim.  If you do find a better price, we want to know about it. 

We have been voted as the best place to buy a used vehicle year-after-year. So don’t just trust us at Mtn View @ 153, trust Chattanooga, trust our past customers, trust the cars we have sold, and trust the service we have performed.  One of our biggest compliment comes when customers return to buy their second, third, fourth, and in the case of one very valued customer, seventh Mtn View 153 vehicle from us.  The second biggest is having a "new" customer walk in and tell us the name of a friend who recommended they come see US!!



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